Seller Closing Costs

When selling a property, there will be a variety of closing costs that you are responsible for.  During our consultation, I'll give you a net sheet with the estimated costs that you can expect based on the sales price of your home.  Below is a list of some of the potential costs.  These will vary based on your contract terms.

  • Brokerage fee
  • Title search & examination
  • Settlement fee
  • Owner’s title insurance policy
  • Prorated non-ad valorem taxes (fire, garbage, etc)
  • Prorated ad valorem taxes
  • Document stamps on the deed
  • Deed recording
  • Prorated HOA fees
  • HOA/Condo Estoppel Fee
  • Municipal lien search
  • Termite/WDO inspection (for VA loans)
  • Mortgage loan payoff
  • Mortgage pre-payment penalty
  • Buyer's closing costs
  • Home warranty